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What are the benefits of in-house water purification?

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In the world of luxury hospitality, water quality plays an important role in the guest experience and it's linked to the health and brand image of a hospitality establishment. In some holiday destinations, however, the public water feed may not meet the strict standards expected by both guests and hotels.

Ensuring the health and welfare of guests is an important part of the overall experience and contributes to customer satisfaction. Water isn't just for drinking, it's used in showers, bathrooms, swimming pools and in cooking preparations. Water quality can significantly affect the guest experience, from affecting the taste of food and drinks to the comfort of a relaxing bath.

Hotels and restaurants need to maintain their brand's commitment to provide the best possible experience, without compromising on water quality.

In-house water purification systems explained

In-house water purification systems are designed to improve water quality in hospitality settings. These systems employ a range of cleaning technologies, each designed to address specific issues in the water supply. Common purification methods include reverse osmosis, ultraviolet (UV) disinfection and activated carbon filtration, among others.

These systems work by removing dirt, contaminants and unwanted tastes and odours from the water supply. For example, reverse osmosis forces water through a semi-permeable membrane, effectively removing even the smallest impurities. UV disinfection kills germs that can affect water quality, while active carbon filtration absorbs unwanted tastes and odours. The combination of these technologies ensures that the water reaching guests is of high quality.

Enhanced guest experience

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The positive effects of purification water in-house are most evident in the enhanced guest experience. Clean and fresh water has a profound impact on guest satisfaction. From the moment they take their first sip of water to the luxurious bath they can feel the difference.

Filtered water not only tastes better, but it also makes a difference in the quality of food and drinks served in restaurants. Water is essential in cooking preparations and its quality directly affects the flavours.

Sustainability and cost savings

In-house water purification systems not only benefit guests but also play a role in sustainability and cost savings. These systems have an important eco-friendly aspect as they lead to a substantial reduction in plastic waste. Historically, in many hotels and restaurants bottled water was a common offering which resulted in large amounts of plastic waste.

Investing in water purification systems reduces the need for bottled water, promoting a more sustainable and environmentally friendly approach. With the reduction in plastic waste, hotels and restaurants demonstrate their commitment to the environment, which is also an attractive selling point for the more eco-conscious traveller

Additionally, in-house water purification systems lead to energy savings. Purified water doesn't require the same level of treatment and heat, which saves energy and reduces operational costs.

While the right Return on Investment (ROI) may vary based on factors such as the size of the establishment and water consumption, the long-term cost savings are notable. By investing in water purification, hotels and restaurants can reduce operational expenses and contribute to sustainability efforts. Restaurants can further boost profitability through increased sales of bottled water.

Brand image and reputation

Offering purified water provides hotels and restaurants with the opportunity to enhance their brand image and reputation. Customisation is important, whether it's branding glass bottles for establishments or using sustainable and compostable bottles.

Branded glass bottles add a touch of sophistication and personalisation to the guest experience and have a long lifespan. An alternative to glass bottles is using sustainable and compostable bottles. This demonstrates a strong eco-friendly stance, which is increasingly valued by environmentally conscious consumers.

Many hotels and restaurants in Mauritius and Seychelles have taken significant steps to reduce their environmental impact by eliminating single-use plastics and adopting sustainable practices. This highlights the growing importance of responsible water management and its reflection on brand reputation.

Considerations for Hotel Owners

For hotel owners and managers considering the installation of in-house water purification systems, practical advice is essential. Factors such as the initial cost, potential ROI, and maintenance requirements need to be carefully evaluated.

The initial investment in water purification systems may vary based on the size and complexity of the establishment. While it requires an upfront cost, the long-term cost savings and benefits, including improved guest satisfaction and sustainability efforts, often outweigh the initial expense.

System maintenance is critical. Routine servicing and monitoring are necessary to ensure that the system operates efficiently and consistently. It’s necessary to replace filters, usually around every 15,000 litres of water through the machines, though the frequency may be increased if the public water feed contains more impurities. Hoteliers and restauranteurs should make sure that their water purification system supplier has a local team of maintenance personnel so repairs can be carried out quickly and effectively.

Common concerns and questions related to implementation, such as the impact on operations and how to market the benefits to guests should be addressed as part of the planning process.

In conclusion, in-house water purification systems provide many benefits to the hospitality industry. They enhance the guest experience, promote sustainability, reduce operational costs and enhance brand reputation. By addressing water quality and sustainability, hotels and restaurants can maintain their commitment to providing the best possible experience while contributing to environmental protection.

Like to know more about the range of water purification systems for hotels and restaurants in Mauritius and Seychelles? Get in touch, we'd be happy to help.



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