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Eliminate Single-Use Plastic, Save Money and Reduce Waste


Eliminate single-use plastic while saving time and money on in-house water bottling. Reduce waste and staff costs. Save money and increase profitability on bottled water sales while joining the fight against climate change. 

Viv Distribution is Mauritius's leading supplier of sustainability products for the hospitality industry. From water purification and bottling solutions to time and labour-saving devices, we help hotels and restaurants reduce their costs and meet their environmental goals.


Not only suppliers of hospitality solutions, you can now enjoy cleaner, healthier, great-tasting water at home or in the office. Reduce your carbon footprint and have hot, chilled or sparkling water on demand. 

Our water purification machines are available to suit all budgets and volumes.


“Having Viv Distributors’ water purification systems has lots of benefits for Club Med. We’re supplying our guests with the highest quality pure water and dramatically improving our carbon footprint by wiping out single-use plastic bottles. We’re delighted with the partnership and very happy with the machines and the service we receive.”

Vishal Rathoar, Hygiene & Safety Manager - Club Med, Indian Ocean


There's #NoPlanetB

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