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Enjoy safe drinking water and save money with the cost-effective Karofi dispenser - perfect for home or small office.

With clean and healthy hot or cold water on tap, you'll also protect users from scalds and burns with built-in safety features.

Protect the environment by eliminating single-use plastic bottles. Save energy with separate switches for hot and cold water - using power only when you need it. For ultimate flexibility, Karofi dispensers are available as counter-top or floor-standing.


Purchase countertop model      18,000 MUR

Purchase floor-standing model  21,000 MUR

Price includes free installation and 1 filter (app 15,000L)

Price excludes VAT


  • Cold water - 3.2 Litre tank capacity, 8-10°C

  • Hot water - 1 Litre tank capacity, 80-90°C

  • Activated carbon filter reduces chlorine taste and odour reduction

  • Manufactured from robust ABS casing for higher impact resistance and easier cleaning

  • Filtration - 0.2 micron - removes 99% of bacteria, dust and odour particles


  • Dimensions - countertop - 37cm (L) x 29cm (W) x 54cm (H)

  • Dimensions - freestanding - 37cm (L) x 29cm (W) x 112cm (H)

  • Voltage - 220V/50Hz

  • Weight - countertop - 24kg

  • Weight - freestanding - 29kg

  • External 3-stage filtration system for easy replacement - installed under countertop or behind freestanding unit

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