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Additional Magazine for Easy Butter Q

Quickly and conveniently refill the Easy Butter Q without affecting service. Have a reusable magazine ready-filled to swap out when the original magazine is low on butter. Magazines can be filled in advance and stored hygienically in the fridge using Freshbox.


Spare Magazine      890,00 EURO

Freshbox for Easy Butter Q

Keep guests safe by storing butter hygienically in the Freshbox. Designed for use with the Easy Butter Q, the Freshbox will hold a filled or partially filled magazine ready for next use. Store the Freshbox in the fridge to keep butter hygienic and chilled, avoiding cross-contamination.

Ready for immediate use, save time and install or replace the filled magazine more efficiently while being assured it's been stored in the safest and cleanest way.


Freshbox        59,00 EURO

Cutlery Polishing Granulate

Achieve a long-lasting shine with Thomas Dörr organic granulate that dries and polishes cutlery. Conveniently pre-packaged for different machine sizes, the dust-free granulate is sterilised before packaging.

For perfect results, the granulate should be replaced every 4-8 weeks, dependent on volume of use. The granulate is sterilised with UV light at the end of each polishing cycle.



Granulate for TD2000                    35,00 EURO

Granulate for TD3000L/TD4000    39,00 EURO

Cutlery Tray

Rugged plastic trays, 600mm x 400mm, they come in different heights for different machines.


Available in perforated or non-perforated to suit preference. 


Perforated                                    19,00 EURO

Non-perforated                            15,00 EURO

Mobile underframe with extending drawer

Move the cutlery polishing machine with ease between locations with this mobile trolley. The extendable drawer holds the cutlery baskets for ease of collection of polished cutlery.


Made of robust stainless steel, we have different sizes to suit to TD2000, TD3000L and TD4000 machines.


TD2000                                       390,00 EURO

TD3000L/TD4000                        590,00 EURO

Sound Absorbing Cover

Reduce noise and avoid disturbing guests. Made from stainless steel with a macrolon window for easy viewing, the sound absorbing covers are available in 3 sizes to suit the different cutlery polishing machines.


All models                                  350,00 EURO

Spare brushes - glass polishing machines

Avoid any downtime of your glass polishing machines by having spare brushes handy. Keep your polishing machine running when you need it, without having to wait for brushes to be cleaned and dried in times of high use. Keep the polishing quality consistent and ensure customer satisfaction at all times.


Spare brush (single)                           59,00 EURO

Spare brush (6 pieces) for TD500      290,00 EURO

Spare brush (8 pieces) for TD1000    390,00 EURO

Special digestif glass brush

(single incl. adapter)                          99,00 EURO

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